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Boosting Your Business Bandwidth

Technology is complex and always advancing. With recent surges in remote work, IT and facility management departments are run ragged keeping everything working smoothly and securely. Professional partnerships can support your teams and relieve some of their burden. Boost your business bandwidth, increase efficiency, and support IT and facility staff with partners ready to help your business resolve technology and infrastructure challenges.

Structured cabling

Structured cabling is the foundation of technology expansion and digital transformation throughout business and industry. Structured cabling is defined by six factors that form a standardized framework for cable installation. These factors are derived from cable distribution guidelines issued by the American National Standards Institute and Telecommunications Industry Association (ANSI/TIA-568). They include:

  1. Entrance facilities (EF)
  2. Equipment room (ER)
  3. Backbone, or riser, cabling
  4. Telecommunications room (TR) or telecommunications enclosure (TE)
  5. Horizontal cabling
  6. Work area (WA)

These standards make installing and managing networks of cables cost-efficient, convenient, and easy to navigate. With everything organized, human error is less likely to contribute to unexpected downtime, and maintenance is easier to perform.

Structured cabling is also effective for systems integration. Integrated systems enhance visibility and are easier to navigate and maintain.


Security is a top concern for businesses. Integrating cameras with access control is the most efficient way to be proactive in monitoring a business. Live views, pre-determined alerts, and artificial intelligence (AI) help human security teams identify and locate potential security threats. With the ability to monitor security through a mobile or desktop app, teams can monitor real-time events and send alerts to other team members for review. In addition to cameras and access control, environmental sensors have increased in popularity and provide peace of mind with real-time alerts that equipment is functioning properly.


Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is an internet-based communications system capable of managing all company communication, from phone calls to chat functionality. Most VoIP systems work with existing programs, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, enabling consistent, consolidated telecommunications. These systems can be on- or off-premises, or a combination of both, and can be easily configured to meet different needs. Often, cost savings are found during the exploratory phase of implementing a VoIP system.

VoIP can be customized to work anywhere and supports remote work models. It gives administrators more flexibility to make changes to the system rather than rely on outside vendors. Flexible, custom options help employees communicate more effectively and increase collaboration, productivity, and scalability.


With the technology demands arising from the pandemic, audiovisual (A/V) equipment transitioned from useful presentation tool to modern business necessity. Ongoing development of A/V solutions is largely focused on enabling virtual meetings and communications. As many employees continue to work remotely, so A/V equipment and software must increasingly apply to a dispersed workforce.

On-site A/V equipment continues to support in-person meetings and client presentations, and A/V technology development is expanding beyond presentation and communication to facilitate collaboration. Hotels are implementing A/V tools for conferences and other events, and schools continue to expand the use of interactive technology to engage students — and their mobile devices — in enhanced learning opportunities.

Technology management

Constant innovation requires adaptivity and a forward-thinking approach to technology management, and these four areas — structured cabling, security, VoIP, and A/V — merely scratch the surface of technology management demand in today’s business world. It’s a lot for overwhelmed IT and facility management teams to handle without help.

Expert, certified partners support your company’s efficiency with fast technology solutions and instant relief for overworked IT and facility management teams.

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