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Meet The Navicon Group

Formerly K&M Communications, The Navicon Group is a full-service nationwide technology solutions provider delivering all the products and services you would expect from a world-class IT and AV solutions provider.

Our Team


Robert Lane

Vice President of Sales

Travis Sjoberg

Vice President of Managed Services

James McCarthy

Director of Marketing

Michelle Lane


Robert Lane

Robert Lane serves as the President of The Navicon Group. With a diverse background spanning military service, entrepreneurship, and a passion for adventure, Robert brings a unique perspective to his leadership role.

Robert’s journey began at Everett Vocational School in 1987, where he graduated with a specialization in sheet metal and welding. Following his graduation, he enlisted in the United States Army infantry, serving with distinction as an 11C Mortars specialist before transitioning to the role of 11B airborne Infantry. After honorable service, Robert ventured into various fields, including bartending and truck unloading, before carving a niche in the telecom industry.

In 1996, Robert co-founded his first telecom venture, which laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial spirit. Over the years, he honed his expertise and in 2011, founded K&M Communications, which eventually evolved into the present day, The Navicon Group, a testament to his vision and adaptability. Under his leadership, the company has diversified its services and undergone a strategic rebranding to reflect its current identity and aspirations.

Beyond the boardroom, Robert is a man of diverse interests. An avid skier, he has traversed slopes across the United States, Canada, and Switzerland. He also finds solace in hiking, enjoys a round of golf, and indulges in the occasional thrill of blackjack at casinos.

Vice President of Sales

Travis Sjoberg

Travis Sjoberg is the Vice President of Sales at The Navicon Group, where his dynamic leadership and unwavering dedication drive the company’s growth and success. With a background shaped by discipline, resilience, and a commitment to excellence, Travis embodies the core values that define The Navicon Group.

Travis’s journey began in the disciplined and multifaceted environment of the Coast Guard, where he honed his skills in adaptability and problem-solving. This foundation laid the groundwork for his future endeavors and instilled in him a relentless drive for success.

A proud alumnus of UMass Boston, Travis holds a degree in Finance. However, it was during his academic journey that he discovered his fervent passion for customer relations and problem-solving. This realization propelled him towards a career path focused on sales and business development.

As the VP of Sales at The Navicon Group, Travis not only excels in his role but also remains deeply engaged in the day-to-day interactions with clients and the challenges of crafting bespoke solutions for businesses. His hands-on approach, coupled with his strategic vision, ensures that the company consistently exceeds expectations and delivers unparalleled value to its clients. He continues to drive the company forward, forging lasting relationships and achieving remarkable success in the competitive landscape of MSP sales and business development.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Travis is an advocate for fitness and personal development. He embodies the spirit of continuous self-improvement and innovative thinking, always pushing the boundaries and exploring new horizons both personally and professionally.

Vice President of Managed Services

James McCarthy

James McCarthy is the Vice President of Managed Services at The Navicon Group, bringing over a decade of experience in Information Technology to his role. After earning his Bachelor of Sciences degree from Brandeis University in 2003, James embarked on a three-year journey pursuing a Medical Doctorate in the sunny Caribbean paradise of St. Kitts. It was during this time that he discovered his true passion for technology, igniting a career trajectory that would lead him to become a seasoned industry professional.

James’s ascent in the IT field has been nothing short of remarkable. Starting as a Level 1 Help Desk technician, he quickly distinguished himself, ascending to the role of Director of IT within a mere 1.5 years. Throughout his career, James has held various leadership positions including Chief Information Officer and IT Compliance Officer, showcasing his versatility and adaptability in diverse environments.

With a commitment to fortifying data security and navigating the ever-evolving IT landscape, James thrives on assisting businesses in achieving their technological goals. Despite his executive position, James remains deeply involved in customer engagement, often diving into Help Desk tickets or collaborating with the Technical Engineering team on projects.

Beyond the confines of the tech world, James is an avid outdoorsman. He can be found shredding slopes during winter ski sessions or “attempting” to conquer the golf course in the summer months. Prior to his immersion in Information Technology, James spent a memorable winter in Aspen, Colorado, immersing himself in the challenge of tackling difficult skiing terrain. An ardent New England sports fan, James also enjoys cheering on his favorite teams at local sporting events.

With his wealth of experience, passion for technology, and dedication to customer satisfaction, James McCarthy is a valuable asset to The Navicon Group and the clients they serve.

Director of Marketing

Michelle Lane

Michelle Lane is the Director of Marketing at The Navicon Group, where she combines her expertise in marketing and technology to drive strategic initiatives and enhance brand visibility. With a fondness for exploration and a zeal for knowledge-sharing, Michelle brings a dynamic energy to her role.

Originally hailing from the northeast, Michelle currently resides in the vibrant Boston area, though her frequent visits to the Houston area reflect her diverse interests and connections. Her journey into the realm of marketing was fueled by her innate curiosity and passion for innovation.

Michelle’s professional trajectory has been shaped by her commitment to continuous learning and her eagerness to embrace new challenges. She thrives on staying at the forefront of technological advancements and leveraging them to propel marketing strategies forward.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Michelle finds happiness in traveling to unique destinations around the globe. Her wanderlust has taken her to five continents already, with plans to conquer all seven. Whether exploring bustling cityscapes or remote landscapes, Michelle seeks to immerse herself in diverse cultures and experiences, enriching her perspectives and fueling her creativity.

What Our Clients Say

Lucas Mulkern, Director of Rooms, Hotel Commonwealth

Working with The Navicon Group was great. They were knowledgeable about the cameras and how to use different types in different situations, helpful migrating existing cameras into the new system and even ran extra cables to accommodate the new cameras when we were ready to expand.

Dianne Hills, Executive Director, My Brother’s Table.

Being so understaffed, we rely heavily on our Axis technology to keep our volunteers, service providers and guests safe wherever they are in this huge facility. We can see what’s happening in all the different corners, control access to specific doors, and still create a welcoming atmosphere for our guests.

Megan Tremouliaris, Easton Sunoco

I have nothing but good things to say about K & M . They installed our home security system and it has worked out great. We will also be using them in the future to update our business security system. Definitely recommend!

Sean, Chuckran Auto Parts

We’ve worked with The Navicon Group now for years and trust their team to meet our low voltage technology needs. Throughout their time with us they have provided consistent quality solutions and service, helping our business to move forward. The professionals there really understood the needs of our business and created an effective solution to improve our communications and business processes.

William Silver, Chelmsford Public Schools

In the realm of structured cabling The Navicon Group stands out as a leader. Many companies claim they have the knowledge, expertise, and manpower to complete large scale cabling installations, but they consistently deliver high quality work done on time and on budget. When considering a cabling vendor for any of your upcoming projects you owe it to yourself and your organization to talk to The Navicon Group.

Gary Hoffstein, Security Lock Distributors

I have used The Navicon Group for over 10 years after using many wiring companies before who didn’t get the job done on time or ran over budget. Their team is the best. Every job over the past decade has been on time and within budget. I can’t say enough about the quality of work!

Luke Callahan, Groton-Dunstable Regional School District

The Navicon Group has been a wonderful partner in our district’s infrastructure upgrades. Their team provided needed expertise in a professional manner, allowing us to bolster internal and external bandwidth through installation of Cat 6 and 10GB fiber cabling, replaced wireless access points, properly documented of all this work and best of all, they have supported our district goals to expand the use of educational technology. As with any large scale project, communication and details matter the most and this is where The Navicon Group and their talented team was at its best!

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